How Litter Stopper helps save the environment

We’ve made sure that the App is easy to use for people aged 4-104. No login required, just add the items you picked up at the end or as you go, click send and you’ve made a contribution.

It takes less than 2 minutes. You can use it once or as many times as you like. Helping to save the environment was never easier.


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About Litter Stopper

BeachPatrol (BP) and Love Our Streets (LOS) have developed the Litter Stopper phone application that supports groups and individuals to collect data about litter and share it accurately and effortlessly with other interested parties to influence policy makers and ultimately protect the environment we all live in. By providing a recording method, users will develop a better understanding of the litter situation, what needs to be done and why they should care. Anyone can use it, they just need an email address to receive their data sent back to them.

We know many people pick up litter and their valiant efforts go undocumented most of the time. The app now gives them the ability have it recorded and therefore to know their efforts are contributing to governments making decisions to look after our environment.

The app was designed to be simple and fast for any user to use. We know time is precious and most people can’t afford the time to conduct long audits. Using Litter Stopper ,you can enter from just basic pick up data or take extra time to sort and record from just 1 or on up to 24 of the most common plastic litter items found. It is all valuable data.

Litter is a hard to solve problem and hard to solve problems require research and data to figure out the best solutions. The Litter Stopper App helps to do this by harnessing the power of the communities we live in. The information provided through Litter Stopper app is the real-world input for reports and datasets that support advocacy organisations that influence government policy and local initiatives for community education. No fluffy theories and ideas, but solid data from our streets and beaches. We can take targeted action to help ban single-use plastics and get a Container Deposit Scheme in place for example, when we understand root causes better, identify hotspots and work together as a community

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Why we need your help

You might want to be involved because you want to leave a better world for the next generations, or maybe you want to set an example for your kids and family, or maybe you feel that clean spaces are safe spaces and more pleasant to be in. These are all good reasons and you might even have your own unique one.

Joining a monthly cleaning event with one of the many community volunteer groups is not a good option for many of us. But you might still want to do something. Litter Stopper does just that, allowing you to be part of the clean-up, on your own time and when it’s convenient for you.

Change happens when enough people get behind a cause and that’s what we need, numbers. Behaviours are changing, but that will take longer than we can wait, so in the meantime, we need many hands to get the job done. If only a small group of people have to do all this work as volunteers, we will simply not be able to keep up with the mess people make and hard data and facts cannot be denied by local and national politics.


What our Users are saying

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Litter Stopper is a great way to get a summary of Elwood Plogging Group’s weekly litter collection. It allows us to keep an electronic record of our collections, and goes towards a larger data set to drive meaningful change. We use it every week!

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If you are like me and pick up litter whenever you can, Litter Stopper is a great app to use any time. It's simple; you can choose which level of report you complete. Better than that, your efforts are recorded and help build a picture of the litter that is all too prevalent in our communities. This will help Beach Patrol and Love Our Street advocate for measures that will reduce the problem.

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